Marginalization of the Jewish People

What would you do if you were stuck in a tiny apartment for over two years with another family and not enough food to fully feed everyone? Sounds pretty awful doesn’t it? In Holland during WWII, the Frank and Van Daan family hid in the attic of Otto Frank’s business. Anne Frank, 13 at the time, wrote in her diary about every day spent in that attic. This is why we have the story of these two families and what they did to avoid the Holocaust.

This semester in Honors, we are discussing the marginalized. This consists of those who do not fit into polite society. During WWII, Adolf Hitler marginalized the Jews. He forced them to give up possessions, forbid them from certain establishments, and eventually forced them into concentration camps where enormous percentages were murdered for no reason. The Franks and Van Daans went into hiding before Hitler had established concentration camps. The first thing they did when they got into the attic was take the Star of David off of their clothing; Peter threw his into the furnace immediately because he was so upset at being “branded” by society. Even in the apartment it was clear that they marginalized each other. Like Alba in House of Spirits, Anne was marginalized because she was the youngest, therefore the most naïve according to the grownups. Anne fought with everyone in the attic except for her father. She formed a very close bond with him and was comforted only in his presence. This bond is similar to Alba and Esteban’s bond. Esteban was comforted in Alba’s presence; he did not get along with any of his family members but her. Overall, it was clear that the Jews were marginalized by society and that Anne was marginalized for being the youngest. The play focused on the relationships between people living in a small area and being forced to share everything. Many fights broke out throughout these two years and paranoia escalated immensely. In the end when they were found by the Nazis, they all came together to forgive and comfort each other.

The Diary of Anne Frank was very well put together. The cast was incredibly persuasive, making it a true tear jerker. This play was perfect for an Honors discussion of marginalization. It showed not only the marginalization of a social group but the marginalization among family and friend relationships.


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